Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cleaning out my desk - to pack or not

Papers from hundreds of days ago, 1000 loose paper clips,
filled-up notebooks, ripped and ragged edges
empty notebooks, fresh and waiting to be taken
pens, dry and used up
pens, unscrewed and leaking
pens, best-loved and worn, waiting
erasers and highlighters
photos to be avoided, they evoke tears
photos to gaze at, smiles erupt
coffee mugs - chipped, pencil holders
letters and cards from HIM and him
extra-long receipts and unused coupons
antiquated paper documents
old credit cards
and scissors to cut them up with
bookmarks, scissors, calculator
boxed up and ready to go
to a new place
where they will be taken out
as lovingly as they were put in

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